The riding experience

"Achieving more for the effort you put in"
Whether you ride like a daredevil, or use your bike for touring & commuting, many people enjoy getting more performance from their peddling effort; the eBike excels at this  The mid-motor system we instal uses the principle of "the harder you pedal the more assistance you get". But you have more control than just that. There are five levels of assistance you can choose from. These range from none at all, up to substantial where the motor is doing most of the work. So if you want a bit of a work out, select the lowest (ECO) level and just get a little extra assistance. At the other extreme, if you are cycling 1500 feet up a Lake District pass, the TURBO setting will allow you to achieve something that might otherwise be very challenging or unachievable .
So, you are about to set off for a ride, what do you do? If you are planning a 60 mile tour, then you will need to have the battery fully charged overnight. If it's a quick trip to the shops, you could get quite a number of these from one charge.
The switch on SEQUENCE is IMPORTANT. First of all, turn on the battery, then the controller and WAIT UNTIL THE DISPLAY IS SET, this allows the torque sensor to be set up correctly. Choose the desired assistance level and you are ready to go, this only takes a few seconds. As soon as you are rolling and 
peddling the motor will be assisting you; it will feel as though your muscles are suddenly stronger! You can then simply use the gears as you would do normally. SIMPLE! If you encounter a hill or headwinds that are making things too strenuous, use a higher assistance setting and continue with the enjoyment. 

Looking after your e-Bike

A few simple guidelines for every time you ride and  at maintenance intervals will help preserve the electrical system as well as the bike. 

Avoid deep discharges of the battery, if you are storing it for protracted periods try to leave it around 50% charge. 
The range you will get on a charge will obviously depend on the assistance level you use. One of our demo bikes which has a 13Ah battery, gives at least 70 miles on a medium level of assistance.
Give your bike a periodic "mini service" to keep things running smoothly: tyres, gears and brakes in particular. Every year, give the bike a full service or give us a call and we can do that for you.