What you get.

Here's a typical conversion on a regular hybrid bike.

250 Watts 36V Motor typically mid-mounted
36 Volt battery frame or carrier mounted 
Display showing speed, power, distance & much more

The motor

The motor is the heart of the conversion. In various bikes you can find the motor mounted in either front or rear wheel hub (requiring a new or re-built wheel) or in the bottom bracket (i.e. mid-mounted). We favour the mid-mounted location systems using the motor shown here. Both performance and reliability of this mid-mounted unit has been shown to be very good; whereas the reliability of some hub systems is reported to be less favourable.Another important feature of the Tongsheng motor is the Power Assistance System (PAS). The PAS controller inside motor senses how hard you are peddling (using a torque sensor) and adds additional power to that. So the harder you pedal, the more power assistance you get.  We believe this give a more natural power delivery in comparison with alternatives that simply measure how quickly you are peddling. Tongsheng motors up to 750W/48V are available and these are ideally suited to high-demand off-road biking. However, within the UK, the maximum allowed for road use (without tax and registration) is 250W. This is what we supply for touring/commuting conversions and it is able to deliver an amazing power boost with a weight of just 3.6kg.

The battery

  Lithium Ion batteries are established in everything from smartphones to cars. The same technology is used here giving a good balance between weight and volume; it weighs just 3.2kg and can drive you for more that 60 miles (at moderate levels of assistance). The battery can be mounted in a rear carrier as shown in the butchers bike, or within the frame. In the form shown here (i.e. frame mounting) the battery is attached to the frame with a lockable carriage for security. The kit also includes a mains powered charging unit.

The display

Several display options are available, ranging from the B&W one shown here, through to full colour displays. This display is illuminated and shows speed, power level, battery capacity and a range of other features such as, distance, trip etc. Power for lights and a horn is also provided. The unit can be configured for mph or kph and a wide range of other settings can be adjusted.